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Tips For Approaching Women

Approaching women is a challenge that has weighed upon every man from the time he was ten years old to the time he dying. At some point, if you are like most men, you will have probably tried different methods and approaches to approach women.

If you are somewhat good at picking up women, you will probably have had uses for just walking up to the woman and saying “Hi”. If approaching was not your forte, you will probably have to sharpen your skills of the art. There are however, so many methods to approaching women, that many men have chosen to practice as their personal pet peeve.

The figures speak for themselves, or if you are good at the art of approaching, you probably know that only a bare 25% of men are ever successful at approaching women. What remarkable thing, or astonishing thing is that most of these men approached the women they spoke to with confidence and apparent self-esteem in the face of rejection.

If approaching were your only option, you would probably need to master the art of approaching women properly.

Below are some simple yet thoughtful tips on approaching women, and what may possibly be the last tip of all. Please, never will you allow yourself to be to interact with a woman as a means to attain some form of physical intimacy. Approaching a woman, liking a woman and kissing her may be the ends of the road for you, but never will you allow yourself to become the road kill that happens to an attractive woman.

She will not like it, no matter what you do, nor how right it feels. If you think you can pretend to be the good guy and have all the females want you, you best not bother anymore, because women can tell when you are pretending and thus it isn’t going to work for you.

You must know when to end the conversation. Sooner or later, this is going to be a feature of any kind of social interaction.

There are a thousand and one things you may not have even thought about when you approach a woman. There is so much that can go wrong and keep you from ever being able to speak with a woman again.

Are you ready to hear one of the most important tips of all? 90% of effective conversation happens when the woman isn’t available to talk to you.

That’s right! It means that if you are not ready to play the game and be the hunter, she isn’t going to do it. This happens because if she is ready to be social, most of the time she will have friends that will approach the topic and make it less awkward for you.

So end the conversation first. You should try to make her comfortable again. If she is still there, I have a tactic that will work just as well.

This tactic is disarming and will bother your prey to the extent that she can no longer help being social.

Simply follow the advice that I have prepared for you. It will help you to end the conversation. Now that your prey is no longer socially available to talk to you, make her well aware that you could not be trusted.

However, this is not the time to reveal the secret. You will continue talking to her until she reveals the great person that she is.

This is certainly going to make her question herself. And one of the first signs a female will give when interacting with a mysterious man is questioning.

This is the time to reveal all the great things that you have in store for her. It will make her question her future and if you could potentially be in it. By planting that seed in her (metaphorically speaking of course), you will be well on your way to stealing her heart and starting a hopefully long-lasting relationship with her – just be sure to shower her with flowers and all sorts of other gifts!