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Making A Relationship Go The Distance

People are always on the lookout for true love, no matter what age they are. They could be budding high-schoolers or people well into retirement, but if they are single, then they almost certainly are looking to find their perfect match, and one that will ultimately stand the test of time. But so many people go about this the totally wrong way! That’s why we here at Fleur De Lys Floral Company are going to show you how to make a relationship truly go the distance.

And to do that, it is oh-so important that you select the right partner. No matter how much you may want a relationship to work out, if the two of you are not compatible with one another, it will simply not last. Sure it might last for a few years at best, but in the end, the lack of chemistry between the two of you will lead to your separation.

Although there are many ways to determine whether you are compatible with someone else, the best way to gauge your compatibility is to see how the two of you get along as friends only. There is a reason why so many long-lasting couples started out as friends, and that is because people who are great as friends work extremely well as romantic partners too.

In fact, we would even go as far as saying that if you find someone with whom you have an instant romantic attraction to, pump your brakes and try to get to know them as a friend first – even if they have a romantic attraction to you as well. Although this may certainly feel like delaying the inevitable, if you truly care about your long-term prospects with him or her, then make sure you take it slow and see how well you fit together as friends. And if you have a great friendship, then by all means take it to the next level. Otherwise, you are risking going into a relationship that very likely won’t pan out in the end.

Once you’ve found the right partner for you, all that’s left is ensuring that the two of you remain happy together and thus want to stay together for the long haul. And for a lot of people, that is a lot easier said than done. Life often gets in the way causing issues either amongst the two of you, or even personal issues that bleed into your relationship through stress and anxiety and the like. This is almost completely unavoidable, but it is your job to mitigate such issues and keep the relationship the focus of your life, despite all of the numerous distractions that will inevitably come about.

No matter what you may going through in your life, make sure you put your partner first and to be honest, put them on a pedestal. Take them out on dates and take them out on adventures so you can experience new things together as a couple – and do all of this on a regular basis, no matter how tired you may be from work or stress or anything else in life.

In addition to experiences and actions, just as important are the gifts that you give her as well. Whether they are big or small, they will show that you are thinking of your partner and are still heavily emotionally invested in him or her, which is very important for maintaining a solid relationship. And although it can definitely be nice to gift your partner with something extremely expensive from time to time, doing so too often is typically unsustainable, not to mention that it won’t buy you their love like you might want to believe.

Instead, rely on smaller and more affordable gifts that are given more frequently. An obvious example of this are breathtaking flowers, which is what we here at Fleur De Lys Floral Company specialize in, but there are also plenty of other gifts that are just as suitable for your partner, depending on his or her specific preferences. Always keep in mind that actions speak louder than words, so even if you say “I love you” to your partner on a regular basis, it just doesn’t compare to gifting her with something physical and tangible.

We all hope that our relationships with our significant others will stand the test of time. But the reality is that so many relationships end in painful breakups, or even divorces in the case of married couples. Selecting the right person to pursue a relationship is first and arguably most important step to ensure a long and beautiful relationship, but a lot of work needs to still be done by both members of the relationship if you want to ensure that the relationship truly lasts. Spending time together in meaningful and romantic ways, as well as providing thoughtful gifts (no matter how small they may be), both done on a regular basis, are surefire ways to make your relationship not just a happy one, but one that truly goes the distance.